Monday, September 10, 2012

Dressed for Success

Am counting on my Nole to dispose of Andy Murray in today's weather-delayed final at the U.S. Open. Happened to be in Uniqlo yesterday and saw they had the Novak Djokovic Collection on display right when you walk into the Herald Square store. I like its simplicity -- three colors, all of which you see the defending champion wearing this year -- and they even have socks and headbands. Whatever the computer says, Novak will definitely be the player of the year if he wins today. Ditto for Serena Williams, who proved she was human yesterday in a drama-filled final yesterday, but still more able to rise to the occasion than "world number 1" Victoria Azarenka. 


glennethph said...

If Tomas had won over Andy, it would be okay if he won. I would still be rooting for Nole but because of that quarterfinal vs Fed, I'd be happy if he won. Since it's Nole and Andy, I'm rooting for Nole. He avenged his loss at the Olympics vs DelPo, now it's time for Nole to win over Andy.

Donny said...

Novak wore the royal blue outfit during the final, right? The middle one in the second pic. He couldn't have looked more gay.

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