Friday, September 28, 2012

A Little More Love for ONJ

Got a great response to my birthday post for Olivia Newton-John -- even found out she's doing not one but THREE songs from "Totally Hot" on her current tour. In the process of trying to verify this, I came across this nice review from her Palm Springs show on the Randy Report -- who has always been kind to me -- who even got to meet the Aussie queen! That's ONJ and pal Lindsay Wagner, who I was just reading had turned herself into a holistic healer. (Are Sleep Number beds holistic?) More photos and Randy's review HERE.


Mimi said...

If Lynda Carter were in that picture, it would make the Holy Trinity of my youth.

greg said...

HUGE Lindsay Wagner fan back in the day!

Totally Hot was my first Olivia Newton John album.

Classic photo!

Prospero said...

Why does Olivia look like a blonde Leah Michelle? I didn't even recognize her...

Anonymous said...

LOL, I didn't dream up the Totally Hot performances on opening night. No crack consumption in this household. The complete opening night of her tour, which was in Vancouver, is on youtube.

As for Lynda and Olivia, they were together at a Susan G. Komen event in October 2010. Check this link. The photo of the ladies is second from the last (rotating with two other photos) on this page:

Lindsay Wagner attended old friend Lynda's concert in LA in April. Photo here:

Would'v been great to see Lynda, Lindsay and Olivia in a single photo but at least we can see all three pairs in these recent pics.


Anonymous said...

I saw the Palm Springs concert - she was amazing. Better than Miss Ross whom I'd seen earlier at same venue. She looks great too!

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