Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Madonna Kicks Off US Tour in City of Brotherly Love

Here's my friend Christopher's micro review of Madonna's first show of her North American MDNA  tour:
Disappointing on the level of few hits performed. Not a show where the audience sang and danced for two hours. A lot of new material that many in the audience didn't know and therefore the energy dropped. When familiar songs were done, energy was amazing. The show was very artistic and dark. The average concert goer likely didn't get it. Her voice, when she sang live, was quite good. She still is an amazing performer and super intelligent. I fear many left wondering where the fun was.
For those playing the home version, the show is about "the journey of a soul from darkness to light,” according to Ms. Ciccone.


Matthew said...

You should see this one, Kenny. It's so legit rock and roll and theatrical, not "Vegas" and lip-synchy. (Though there is track.) I guess you'd either loathe it or think she really has balls and chops. I was more positive, but CC and I mostly agree on this one. As a fan, I'm okay with fewer solid-gold hits, but I'm also not against it when she does a couple more than she did last night. It's unreal that she is 54 and performing in this way physically and pushing it in this way artistically, too. Not much like most of her other tours.

Anonymous said...

The bitch was TWO hours late, many people left and in typical Philly fashion she was booed.

Kenneth Walsh said...

@Matthew: Sounds pretty good. Normally I would say that you couldn't pay me to see her live. But your report is so persuasive -- and I'm feeling extra magnanimous -- that I am willing to let you buy me a ticket, and I promise to use it!


Anonymous said...

The show was very good. However, 2 1/2 hrs late ruined any good time I or many of her fans may have had. Her fans are in their 30s and 40s with kids and jobs and responsibilities. She may be able to sleep in on a Wednesday but we could not. Very disappointed in her lack of consideration. Not sure I would see her in concert again.

Christopher said...

Philadelphia won't be welcoming her with open arms any time soon. Many of us are still very angry!

Anonymous said...

I attended this show and yes, it was "officially" 2 1/2 hrs late (8 pm Ticket time), she was previously scheduled to have a full opening act, NERO, at the time of ticket sales. Madonna has never started her US evening concerts before 9 PM. I wasn't disappointed, except that I had a car service that charged for overage at 15 minute intervals, so the bill ran up. And Yes, there was some booing. But once the show started, it was amazing. One of her best if not the best show yet.
She does her shows for her true, dedicated fans who keep up with her music; not the fair-weather pre-"Music" nostalgia crowd, and we appreciate that. We know she sings live (yes, she uses a track, but her song production layers require that - it would impossible for her to sing all the full vocal leads). I thought she sounded great, was impressive with the choreography and continues to grow, artistically. I thought it was worth every (upgraded ticket) dollar I spent and more. I am seeing her in AC, and can't wait!!!!

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