Friday, August 31, 2012

Hollywood Republican Values

 Republicans hate when Democrats have celebrities on their side, with their "Hollywood liberal" attitudes and lifestyles. But they sure don't mind it when they're on theirs. (See also: Reagan, Ronald, the country's first and only divorced president.)


Anonymous said...

Not to mention the abortions he twisted Sondra Locke's arm to have...,,20120284,00.html

Michael Diamond said...

I feel it is important to remember when Clint Eastwood was all over the news for his staunch support of Gay Marriage we were all too happy for his political support. And now that he is a Republican, he is suddenly THE ENEMY. I think he should be allowed to have any opinion he wants and support any cause or party he wants.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Michael: No one said he can't have any opinion he wants. And no one is calling him THE ENEMY. (Everyone's making fun of his crazy-ass speech to an empty chair.) Just pointing out how hypocritical Republicans are about "Hollywood types" -- they hate 'em when they're liberals, they love 'em when they're conservatives -- and given what you said about Clint's past gay support, the fact that Clint is supporting a party that wants a constitutional amendment to ban ALL same-sex marriages just shows he isn't a man of his convictions, either.