Monday, August 20, 2012

Even Funnier Than Chuck

I had never heard of Amy Schumer until this weekend, but I'm pretty sure she' my new favorite comedian of all time! Apparently she killed it at the Roseanne roast -- which I ended up seeing except the beginning, when Amy was on. But I did catch Amy's Comedy Central special, "Mostly Sex Stuff," and Michael and I were literally crying laughing so hard in our Montauk bungalow as the rain fell down. She borrows from several of my favorite comedians -- the Wendy Liebman misdirection gets me every time -- yet manages to have a style all her own  Anyone else a fan?


Brian said...

Yes I saw her on the Rosanne Barr roast...surprisingly good!

Donny said...

She roasted Charlie Sheen as well as was even funnier. A must see for Amy alone. I have also seen her live and she is truly hysterical. The girl is quick and has no boundaries. Love her!

Anonymous said...

In our Montauk bungalow? You've totally embraced the whole Hamptons scene!