Friday, July 06, 2012

Song of the Day: 'The Look of Love' by ABC

  Off the band's epic debut, "The Lexicon of Love."



Todd said...

I was obsessed with ABC when I was 12. The video! Remember when videos could just be total nonsense?

nojarama said...

MArtin Fry is still just as handsome, as back in the day (and very tall- I'm 5'9" and I had to keep looking up to talk to him), very courteous & genuinely interested in his fans. If you ever the chance to see him live (even if he & occasionally David Palmer are the only original members still performing, DO!!!

Ruddigore said...

The problem with this video is that it didn't evoke the look and feel of "The Lexicon of Love" album. They come off less New Romantic and more New Herman's Hermits. The "Poison Arrow" video is when they finally got the right combination.

I am just glad that someone finally uploaded ABC's "Mantrap" video:

There was nothing dreamier than Martin Fry in the silver lame suit (pity he flushed the original suit down a Tokyo toilet after their world tour).

HB said...

:) Yes! Still have that 7" single (with sticker on it from a friend who borrowed it from me in... whatever grade we were in at the time!)