Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Left Foot

  My self-described "bullshit MRI" supposedly revealed a tear in that tendon that runs along the bottom of your foot, which is supposedly related to why my plantar fasciitis will not heal. I'm still skeptical of it all. Now my heal hurts worse than ever, which my doctor informed me was "impossible." (No, it's possible!)


bcarter3 said...


When you were an infant, did your mother dip you into the River Styx? It might explain the heel problem.

Brent said...

Kenneth! I'm a big fan and long-time reader of your blog... And I just developed plantar fasciitis. It's horrendous. I've been "resting" and have had 1 corsitone shot. I'm due for another next week and will soon get orthotics. But it still hurts pretty bad and I'm growing restless/depressed with all this "resting." Any advice? Anything I should look out for or ask my podiatrist about?

Ken said...

My sympathies on this one. Plantar fasciitis alone is bad enough.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Thanks, guys. To Brent I can only offer my sympathies. A lot of people do recover after some cortisone shots and orthotics. I seem to be one of the unlucky few who just can't seem to shake it. Going on two years -- and at the risk of sounding like a drama queen, it's really been life-altering. I relate to your comment about being restless and depressed. Wish I could offer some hope. The odds are in your favor, though!

mike/ said...

i take it you've not had the surgery?

i've had plantar fasciitis in both heels. one, the physical therapy worked without cortisone shots, one of the worst shots i've ever had!

the other heal, nothing worked for probably as long as you've been suffering; the doctor finally decided to do the surgery. i've never had a problem since. you may need to talk about this alternative. the recovery wasn't very long. the only problem i had was with the 'boot' like you show in your post. it caused me other problems.

as far as the cortisone shots: my doctor laughed at my reaction when he did them until he had to have one himself! i think they should make it a law that doctors have to have all procedures done on them before they are allowed to do them.

Brent said...

Hey Kenneth - just returned from my 2nd doctor visit re: plantar fasciitis and it was a doozy. The doctor recommended PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections (basically, they draw blood from your arm, "shake it up" to separate the plasma/red blood cells/white blood cells and inject it into the plantar fasci to reduce the inflammation). Did you ever hear of it or have this done? He also recommended cryogenic boot therapy (I would have to wear a boot, which uses ice compression to treat the area. And he prescribed physical therapy. All in all, it was kind of crazy and I'm left scratching my head... I'm considering getting a 2nd opinion. Do you recommend your podiatrist?