Friday, June 01, 2012

She's From Joisey

Some fun news for Blondie fans. I've just updated my post about Debbie Harry hosting "Saturday Night Live" in 1981 to include the complete episode (courtesy of Videodrome Discotheque), including four sketches not seen on the previous clip or on the Netflix streaming version of the show. Above we have Deb playing a girl "from Joisey" opposite Joe Piscopo's guy "from Joisey." How ironic that Debbie -- whose actual accent has its own exit on the New Jersey Turnpike -- does the worst "Joisey" accent ever!

In another skit, Deb gets asked out by Big Brother (played by Gilbert Gottfried) during the morning registration n 1984.

In this advertisement, Deb stars in the horror movie "Don't Look in the Refrigerator"!

And in the final sketch, Deb plays a blonde named Fay whose Statue of Liberty trinket, toy airplane and arresting beauty drives a beast to destruction.

She's in virtually every segment except "Weekend Update" -- has that ever been done before or since?

The updated video -- which also features Deb as musical guest, performing "Love TKO" and "Come Back, Jonee" -- is HERE. Enjoy!

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