Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nailed It

With thanks to Andy, who spotted this one while on business in Toronto.

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Nico said...

Ah - this one is in the middle of gaytown - it started out as Ho's Haircutting, but now Ho has an empire of beauty related the Gaybourhood.

Unknown said...

Ho's was a KFC for years prior to it becoming a hair salon and its upstairs neighbour is a medical marijuana clinic. In fact, many years before that, it was the very first office of Toronto's AIDS Committee of Toronto, which sadly now takes up much larger offices...

Hey Kenneth, I'm coming to NYC next month. I'd be most grateful for some good restaurant recommendations (maybe a post for summer tourists who don't like to be thought of as tourists?), outside of the theatre district, where New Yorkers actually eat? I'm not a foodie and hate restaurants with pretense - but I like good food and don't mind paying for it.

I'm planning on spending a day doing some the walks outlined in the book Andy Warhol's New York City, which I learned about on your blog.

Thanks... as always, I love your blog and read it daily.


SFRowGuy said...

Mixed messages?