Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Music Box: 'Dare' to Be Different With the Human League

With thanks to Mark Allen: If you're a new wave geek and obsessed with the Human's League's classic 1981 LP, "Dare," like I am, then you'll want to download this two-disc collection of unreleased demos and rehearsals from its recording sessions. Crash the Driver puts it into context, trying to figure out how the guy with the asymetrical haircut (Phil Oakey) and the guy who ran the band's slideshows at concerts (Adrian Wright) -- plus two schoolgirls they found at a disco -- managed to create such a masterpiece after the band's musical brains (Ian Craig Marsh and Martyn Ware, later of Heaven 17 fame) had departed. I'm just now digging in myself -- it's pretty interesting -- but it's so lo-fi that a lot of it reminds me of my early '80s band, the Casio-keyboard-friendly A La Plage

Have at it and let me know what you think. Click HERE.


nojarama said...

Homygawd! I adore this album. It was the first album I ever bought with own money. Perfection. I'll dive in tomorrow & give it a listen & send you feedback later. Thankies!!!

Bart said...

I STILL love "Don't You Want Me", even after nearly 30 years!!

Anonymous said...

Virgin UK just released last week a 30th anniversary box set of DARE and FASCINATION with bonus tracks and a set of promotional postcards from the original single releases. Worth checking out!