Monday, June 25, 2012

Love in Bloom

 I've never even seen sodas this big before, but as a Coke Zero addict, I give 'em two thumbs up -- and two middle fingers up to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose good intentions never seem to apply to himself.

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uniformboy said...

Had an epiphany this sunday rolling in bed... and partched... Won't limiting the size of drinks make the thirsty customer buy twice the smaller container/product? Creating twice the garbage? Send Bloomberg the memo... aren't there more important issues? Like, making sure cops don't use steroids? Women applying too much perfume in public transportion? Smelly trash
stench on hot days? I've seen my share of drugged out club kids gulping gallons of soda at 5am that weighed less than 130 pounds; so what's is point/goal?