Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pulp Nonfiction

Finally! A man who didn't rebuff John Travolta's sexual advances. I was starting to feel sorry for the Boy in the Plastic Bubble all over again. Read HERE.

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FunMe said...

When I saw him at my gym by the beach at 12:30AM on a Sunday/Monday about 3 weeks ago, I had to do a double take to see if it was him. When I realized it was him with his trainer, I would have normally asked him for a photo. But looking at him gave me this "ewww" factor. I mean if he wasn't such a closet queen with his weird sex ways, I would have said something. Even with him losing weight, I felt icky.

I thought for a moment of secretly taking a photo of him, but there were only about 8-12 people, and it would have been so obvious. But again, I just felt icky knowing what he does at "straight" sauna gyms in LA.

I actually went in front of him and his trainer to get some weights, but went to the opposite of where they were to work out.

That's too bad what he has allowed the CLOSET to do to him, especially being in such an iconic DISCO movie like "Saturday Night Live"