Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Caption Me


Howard in San Diego said...

"And then after we dock, we're going out on the balcony and have sex just to piss off the locals!

Anonymous said...

From the movie musical ELBOW GREASE!

Tell me more tell me more!
Does he have a big peen?
Tell me more, tell me more!
Cause he looks like a queen!

nedinsd said...

"he had the NERVE to ask me if I was a bottom, GURL PLEASE!

Bi-John in Minnesota said...

"And that's when I determined that there are classes of neurons and hosts of laws which make it possible to package many repetitions."

(Blank Stares)

"Is that why your abs are so fabulous?"

overseer01 said...

Now listen my chickens,
And you will hear.
About the midnight trick,
Of Paul Requeer.