Thursday, February 02, 2012

This Used to Be Her Playground

Well, I wasn't impressed much by Madonna's new single, but her chat with Rich Eisen on NFL Network earlier today sure was fun -- with an asterisk (of course). She was relaxed and gracious and adorable and unaffected (did I see dark circles under her eyes? poor thing is exhausted) -- and she sounds like ... well, the Madonna we all grew up with. So while it was delightful to watch -- the Michigan accent even slipped out as she reminisced about being a cheerleader, having a crush on the quarterback and revealing her desire for Lola to go to "U-Mish" -- it kind of made me sad in a way (wistful?) that we've been robbed of this person all these years, the girl from Michigan I really like. My takeaway is that for all of her self-proclaimed originality, she really is a chameleon -- whether it be out of a innate desire to please (mother died young, very typical) or some inherited Zelig-like quality -- adopting the pretentious voice of a fashion snob, English equestrian or high-society babe, all situations far more common to her life these days than a football game in the Midwest, but deep down not really her. I guess I should just be happy "she" is still in there at all. But what I'm really hoping is that she reinvents herself again -- as herself.


martymartymarty said...

I watched her on "Anderson" today and she was alright enough. It's difficult to listen to her say making her movie was "the most difficult" thing she's ever done, but okay whatever. Anderson's show is rather terrible overall, and the "general" audience really made her seem like a niche artist instead of the mainstream legend so many see her as. I remain eager for the halftime show and hope her album proves to be better than that single, though I have my doubts. I miss that "Michigan girl", too. said...

Hey handsome,

I am still one of those who thinks she can do no wrong know the type. :O) I adore her and have since I was 11 years old and I am...well, MUCH older now.

Read your blog every single day!!!

Dave, WGB

Anonymous said...

I watched her on Anderson and it ws nice to see her being pretty humble. At least twice she referred to hers self as "that girl from Michigan" She never thought she would ever become who she is when growing up. I used to work with a guy that went to High School with her and said she was
very "normal", nothing really special in school, and I think that is sort of where she wants to be now.


Blobby said...

My lord, she sounds human. I totally see where you're coming from w your take on it.

TomChicago1 said...

OMG - Who was that and what did she do with Madonna?