Thursday, November 17, 2011

Instinct Honors Its Leading Men of 2011

Michael and I attended Instinct's swanky party at District 36 this week honoring the magazine's Leading Men of 2011. Notable recipients included Daniel Hernandez ("The Guardian Intern," who helped save Rep. Gabby Giffords), Carl Siciliano ("The Father Figure," of Ali Forney Center fame), and Adam Price ("The High School Hero," who overcame numerous obstacles in setting up a gay-straight alliance in Redlands, Calif.) -- and the evening was capped with a performance by "urban acrobatic" performers Traces (very fun!). With an open bar of Belvedere vodka and a raffle benefiting AIDS/LifeCycle, plus a bunch of familiar faces in the crowd -- and some new ones, like singer Jaymes Vaughan (above), who replaced Jeff Timmons in the Vegas Chippendales revue and just released a new single, "Vampire" -- everyone had a great night!

Craig Bentley and Frank Anthony Polito, and Jeff Katz of Instinct

With Michael

Peter, Frank and Andrew

A leading witness

Leading man Carl Siciliano and Mike Wood, Instinct editor in chief (photo by HeyMrJason)

Showtime (photo by HeyMrJason)



GeorgeTSLC said...

So who's the cute blond in the top picture--the one with the red pupils from the flash?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

It's Chippendale star Jaymes Vaughn. I talk about him in the post!

Mike said...

Wait. James is straight, right? I thought Instinct was honoring the leading gay men of 2011?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Mike: Jaymes wasn't one of the Leading Men of 2011 -- but is he openly gay!