Thursday, November 17, 2011

Courting Style

GQ has a totally fun slideshow of the 25 Most Stylist Men in tennis HERE. They had me at their reason for picking John Newcombe -- "one word: handlebar" -- but here are some other picks whose style I've always admired:

"Big" Bill Tilden: Gotta look your best when soliciting 14-year-old boys

Feliciano Lopez: Can you blame Andy Murray's mom for making such a fool out of herself?

Rene Lacoste: That "crocodile" on your shirt comes from his nickname -- so-called because of his ferocious playing style -- yet every kid at Dobson High insisted on calling it an "alligator"

Patrick Rafter: Swoon

Frank Shields: When you're related to the pretty baby, of course you're gonna be pretty, baby

Roger Federer: He got more stylist as his game began to falter

Adriano Panatta: Best remembered as the only player to defeat Bjorn Borg at Roland Garros, this Italian was also easy on the eyes

Bjorn Borg: Those shorts, those shorts

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Unknown said...

Patrick Rafter is why I got into tennis. My father would always watch the US Open when I was a kid, but before Patrick Rafter, I just saw it in passing.