Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nothing Comes Closer to (My) Home

Haven't had one of these in probably 20 years -- Stouffer's French Bread Pizza, aka Nature's Most Perfect Food -- but the snowstorm called for something fun around the house and this was the first thing Michael and I fervently agreed upon. (Can hardly wait to burn the roof of my mouth -- it's a requirement, right?) I hope they're as good as I remember, it's my first time using my oven since the '90s!


Prospero said...

Red Baron French Bread Pizzas are far superior to Stouffer's.

Michael said...

Well? Did it live up to the memory? I used to LOVE these but haven't had one in over 20 years. And what grocery store in Chelsea carries these??

Unknown said...

French Bread Pizza was a high school staple for me. I may have to make them here soon.

Red Baron is the best frozen pizza though.