Monday, October 31, 2011

Newly Shorn Tom Brady Cut Down to Size

Tom Brady has finally lost the idiotic Justin Bieber hairdo, but the Steelers' defense made the Patriots quarterback look like a little kid anyway, greatly assisting Pittsburgh in its 25-17 victory on Sunday. Rumor has it Ben Roethlisberger raped Brady before the game, perhaps setting in motion his throwing a season-low 198 yards.


gary said...

Oh I agree! He looks so much better than with that stupid kids haircut. Now if we could get him to grow a mustache.

Peter Maria said...

What's up with the rape joke? Not a funny subject.

Matt said...

Finally a post about Tom's haircut! Where have you been on this? For the record, Tom's hair was super long before the cut, and he hasn't had Bieber hair for two years. In case you don't know Kenneth, his post game interview where he's dressed up pretty is always on every week. Enjoy!