Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jon Stewart Compares 'Daily Show' to Fox News

I've been hearing a lot about Rolling Stone's new interview with Jon Stewart. My copy didn't arrive today, but the mag's site has some interesting tidbits already online, in which he compares his show to Fox News and expresses his frustration with President Obama:

  • Stewart says that the Daily Show has a lot in common with Fox News. "We are both reactions to the news and to government," he says. "We're both expressions of dissatisfaction. [Roger Ailes'], I think, happens to be a slightly more powerful version [laughs.] . . . . Ailes was a strategist for Nixon. He comes from the seat of power, and he understands how important the narrative is. We come from comedy, so our natural instinct is not to understand that, and to be bratty. That goes a long way towards explaining the difference between the two organizations."

  • Obama has been a disappointment to Stewart. "He ran on this idea that the system and the methodology are corrupt," he says. "It felt like the country was upset enough that he had the momentum needed to re-evaluate how business is done. Instead, when he got elected, he acted as though the system is so entrenched that it has to be managed rather than -- I don't want to say decimated, because I'm not an anarchist or a nihilist. But I'm surprised at how much he deferred to the legislative process. ... He feels like the only president who begins every press conference with a heavy sigh. I think he was already kind of over us by the time he got into office. And now he's like, 'What the fuck is wrong with these people?'"

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