Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Atkins Diet

I don't remember if Gregory Harrison and Christopher Atkins' early '80s male-stripper movies -- "For Ladies Only" and "A Night in Heaven" -- provoked a Cyndi vs. Madonna-style war at the time -- but like the singers, I was a fan of both. Sadly, Gonzo never showed the goods to Playgirl (although he was caught naked HERE), but young Christopher sure did -- and then he did it again. See for yourself, plus pics from his sizzling turn as Peter Richards on "Dallas" plus proof that what you thought you saw really happened in "The Blue Lagoon" HERE. (adult)


Don said...

I met Christopher Atkins at a party during the height of his Blue Lagoon fame. He was indeed all that.

Adam said...

He's naked willingly and later unwillingly in A Night in Heaven. It's totally watchable and worth tracking down.

Christopher said...

thank you for this. It made my day bright and gay!