Monday, July 11, 2011

Jason Varitek: What an Ass!*

If they were gonna catch a baseball player's ass on-camera during a locker room interview, you really can't ask for anything better than Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek. And did I mention the 39-year-old old from Rochester, Michigan, is a switch hitter? Now we can decide if THIS ass pic is the real deal.


 (Skip to the 50-second mark for maximum hotness.) More pics HERE. *I'm the only guy saying this who isn't a Yankees fan.


BosGuy said...

slurp... most excellent.

Go Sox,

Anonymous Tek Fan said...

"Tek" is a great guy. He's one of only two Red Sox players that participated in the team's "It Gets Better" video last month. That's what makes him hot.

FurryWolf said...

that cameraman deserves a Grabby & a GayVN award--thanks fur (inadvertently) capturing that, man!
and i have a whole different sort of award waiting fur Tek :O

Unknown said...

Who took that pic I want to give them a hug