Monday, July 11, 2011

Jason Varitek: What an Ass!*

If they were gonna catch a baseball player's ass on-camera during a locker room interview, you really can't ask for anything better than Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek. And did I mention the 39-year-old old from Rochester, Michigan, is a switch hitter? Now we can decide if THIS ass pic is the real deal.

(Skip to the 50-second mark for maximum hotness.)

More pics HERE.

*I'm the only guy saying this who isn't a Yankees fan.


BosGuy said...

slurp... most excellent.

Go Sox,

Anonymous Tek Fan said...

"Tek" is a great guy. He's one of only two Red Sox players that participated in the team's "It Gets Better" video last month. That's what makes him hot.

chiefbroad said...

Uch. I cannot suffer through seeing that d-bag Curt Schilling's ugly mug, not even for some Tek ass.

FurryWolf said...

that cameraman deserves a Grabby & a GayVN award--thanks fur (inadvertently) capturing that, man!
and i have a whole different sort of award waiting fur Tek :O

Anonymous said...

I would love to bury my face in Jason's neck and chest and kiss his luscious lips. Good ass, nice shoulders and legs too. Jason I need you............

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