Friday, July 22, 2011

Americans Ready for Us to Have Our Cake and Eat It Too

As gay and lesbian New Yorkers prepare to tie knot this weekend comes news of a new poll that shows more than half of all Americans now favor national recognition of same-sex marriages. (Are you reading, Mr. President?) Although I'm happy for the people whose lives these state-recognized marriages will help, this states' rights stuff is bullshit -- and even average Americans know it. (Kudos, America!) Read a news release about the Harris Interactive poll HERE.

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James L. Greenlee said...

I'm convinced that this will come our way eventually. My other half and I are legally married in California and 6 other states (plus DC). The funny part is, we're not legal in our state of Nevada (of all places, seriously), or my home state of Ohio (which has draconian anti-gay laws), but we're good in his home state of IOWA. I think we're gonna win, but we might be gumming our pudding when it happens.

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