Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Remembering Rashawn Brazell

The senseless murder of Rashawn Brazell remains unsolved. It's now been more than six years since the 19-year-old's body parts were found on subway tracks in NYC (Rashawn's head has never been found), so please, if you know something about this case, contact the NYPD at 1-800-577-TIPS (anonymous tipped are completely acceptable).

Years ago I reported about his distraught mother, Desire Brazell-Jones, who said at the time: "I want who did this off the street, and I want the rest of my child. That's the bottom line." Please help her.

More information HERE.


Anonymous said...

Did Rashawn have any siblings? What did the man he left with look like? I've heard other rumors that his limbs were found in trash cans all around the city. Somebody must have seen the man going around the borough. Were there any other anonymous murders around the same time? If you do not know the answers that is fine, but please tell me who might be able to answer this question.

Bless Amary said...

I am now only reading up on the entire story online for the first time, although his posters are a common fixture around Brooklyn. I read on America's Most Wanted that the bag that was found on the train tracks near where his legs and 1 arm were found was 1 of 15 bags MADE and SOLD to the MTA. My question is: HOW can we find out who within the MTA would be given one on these bags. That means, 14 more are still out there and for only 15 to be made and sold exclusively to the MTA, then the MTA should be able to tell the NYPD WHO they were given to and then the NYPD can start interrogating them and cancelling them off the suspects list. I personally feel the MTA has a few skeletons in their closet and I don't mean what they're doing with the money either. 8-21-12