Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane

Everyone's in a tizzy over Roger Ebert's tweet about the deadly actions of Ryan Dunn -- "Friends don't let jackasses drive drunk" -- but as he has repeatedly shown, he really didn't know how to handle cars.


bcarter3 said...

"Millions of people are crying right now..."

It's true! I'm in DC, and it's just like it was on 9/11. The flags are at half mast, the government has shut down, and everyone is wandering around in a daze. For the next 50 years, people will break the ice at parties by asking, "Do you remember were you were when you heard that guy from 'Jackass' was dead?"

I think Mr. Margera might have a slightly inflated impression of his place in the universe.

Danny in WeHo said...

I agree with that Bam man. Poor Jackass guy; it wasn't his fault he was drunk and driving at 130 MPH. How lucky the passenger was to die with someone so famous and important. He will be remembered forever... as would have been any lucky traveler who may have been killed along with them. Roger Ebert is nervy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to offend anyone but I don't have any friends that are drunks or jackasses or drunken jackasses so I can't relate to the dismay over Ebert's comment. All I see is the world is down two stupid jackasses. How is that a reason to cry? There's a lot of other things to cry about.