Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Keep It Together

Madonna and child

I saw some pictures of Madonna and son David arriving at Heathrow in London the other day and couldn't get over how utterly adorable they were -- 6 is a great age -- and how loving their relationship appeared walking hand-in-hand. Naturally, Boy Culture The Daily Mail saw it as a ripe opportunity to weigh in on the state of Madonna's plastic surgery, which they have determined -- thanks to untouched photos in a brightly lighted airport terminal, where pretty much everyone looks their best -- she has now decided "less is more" thanks to the appearance of ACTUAL lines around her eyes. (Gasp! She's only 52!) They report:

The singer, who has built her career on an ever-changing image, seems to have settled on a new one: bare-faced woman in her fifties. And in contrast to many of her recent appearances, where she looked almost frighteningly youthful, this time Madonna looked a little closer to what she is – a well preserved 52-year-old mother of four.

Pretty hilarious. All I thought is that she looked awfully happy there with her little boy.

Here's how you get "the look": live

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