Friday, May 13, 2011

(Metro) Source Material

Matthew Morrison -- promoting his debut solo album -- pushes "Glee" that much closer to overexposure on the cover of the new MetroSource NY. (Puck has an album, the Warblers have an album and did I read Ryan Murphy is trying to have his first non-flop big-screen project by making a "Glee" movie?) In it, Morrison talks about how much he's enjoyed watching the actors who play the students grow as performers, the importance of Kurt's sexuality storyline and the real reason he recorded an album -- as an excuse to tour (performing before a live audience is his true love). Read HERE.

And then Lynda Carter gives a great interview about gay boys' love of Wonderful Woman, her new CD, and confirms that she invented Diana Prince's "spin"! (As it would happen, it was announced that the remake of the classic '70s show had not been picked up by NBC.) Read HERE.


todd carr said...

is that Wonda Woma! luv hur. run wonda, run to your invisible career.


Sue Sylvester said...

On the one hand, he's the only Glee "singer" that mildly passes as an actual singer without autotuning and over-tracking, on the other he's kind of cheezy acting and looking. Plus he has his big secret.