Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Keeping Pace

Jim Parsons and Lee Pace get cozy with Larry Kramer, whose play "The Normal Heart" they're starring in on Broadway. Haven't decided if I'm going to go -- the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, but you know how I am about The Theater -- but I did love Pace in "Soldier's Girl." With his scruffy, retro gay look he's currently sporting, it's hard to believe he played a transgender beauty opposite Jane Fonda's son, Troy Garity nearly a decade ago. (As expected, "The Normal Heart" just got a slew of Tony nominations.)

Decked out for the opening night after-party


robert said...

Wow, I did not know Lee was doing that play! I loved him in Soldier's Girl! Troy was good too...great movie that I don't think got much coverage. I love Lee's look for the play!

Miche Rutledge said...

Wow! He's really sexy with that mustache. I didn't realize I was into mustaches until, first you grew yours, and now Lee Pace showed up with his pornstache.