Monday, May 09, 2011

The Grand Old Party in Aaron Schock's Shirt

Republican representative and shirtless-photo enthusiast Aaron Schock, 29, shows off his abs on the cover of the new Men's Health. (He's doing it "for the children.") And they accuse gays of trying to recruit new members! (Via Towleroad)

Although he swears he's just looking for the right girl, reliable sources tell me Schock -- who has bashed the Obama administration for not defending DOMA -- has the widest stance in town.


Anonymous said...

Please translate "has the widest stance in town" into British English for me! Thanks

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

It's a reference to disgraced (married) Senator Larry Craig, who claimed he wasn't using his foot to make contact with the guy in the stall next to him in the bathroom, but just had a "wide stance."

Mick said...

You forgot to say "Guvner'.