Thursday, May 19, 2011

CBS: Upfronts and Personal

It was a combination of hotties past and present at CBS's upfront presentation yesterday at Lincoln Center. "Hawaii Five-O" star Alex O'Loughlin (above) is my fave, of course, but Chris O'Donnell and Magnum PI will always hold a place in my, uh, heart. Have a look:

The new "Two and a Half" men. Never saw the original, but I guess this is "big" news. (Ashton's hot if he keeps his mouth shut.)

Chris O'Donnell, the star of many a '90s fantasies ...

LL Cool J ... apparently I've got one thing he'd like!

Scott Caan, short 'n' hot

Tom Selleck, goatee-ing it these days

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Mini Stud Muffin said...

I could not wait for 5-0 to come on and it turned out so cheezy. I saw Scott Caan live, saying he is short is a major understatement - borders on dwarf...