Monday, April 04, 2011

Reality Check

Sunday's New York Times had a rather clever "Which Reality Show Is Real" article, in which various premises were presented for you to decide just how desperate TV networks have become. (The fact that "Extreme Couponing" and "Pregnant in Heels" are making their debuts inspired the piece.) The list included "Gigolos," "Idahotties," "You Make Me Sick" and "Never Nude," but my favorite, of course, was "Copy Desk Heroes," which turns out to be one of the fakes (damn it!), but is in serious development in mind (expect a call, Mr. Burnett):

COPY DESK HEROES: In journalism the spotlight falls on household-name columnists and investigative reporters, but before the big articles are published, they get a going-over by an anonymous group of low-level editors with a huge responsibility: ensuring accuracy and good grammar. This series shows the copy editors at a major East Coast daily doing their thankless jobs in the face of newsroom cutbacks, testy reporters, clueless superiors and tight deadlines. In the opening episode Marcia, 72, and the matriarch of the copy desk, challenges a hot-shot foreign correspondent over whether an emerging democracy’s elections will be “biannual” or “biennial,” with international consequences.

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