Monday, April 04, 2011

Lowest Common Denominator

It's hard to say exactly who GLAAD -- and comedians -- should be going after first for this not-funny joke Blake Shelton delivered at the Country Music Awards last night. (Get it, Jake Gyllenhaal must be a fag to have broken up with a pretty girl?) Shelton probably didn't write the joke -- but he could have refused to say it -- but did People have to pick it as one of its Best Quotes of the Night? (Shame on you, People -- or is it you people?) So pathetic that producers of the CMAs would deliver this homophobic cheap shot the same week that Gyllenhaal would reveal that the thing male fans still say to him most often is that they can't believe he would do "Brokeback Mountain," which they assure him they haven't seen. Mmm mmm.

FYI: Unlike a lot of gay people, I'm not an absolutest about not saying the "f-word" or other salty LGBT things. (Context is key, as is who is saying it.) But one thing is for sure: it's gotta be funny.

UPDATE: Kudos to Us Weekly for calling the CMAs out on this lame attempt at humor.


Rock said...

Definitely an outdated topic for a joke, and probably inappropriate at best.

On a related note: why doesn't anyone make jokes about the fact that EVERYONE who dates Taylor Swift dumps her? It seems like someone should be picking up on the possibility that it may be HER issues that cause these multiple break ups, not the men.

Danny in WeHo said...

Kenneth, Honeypants, I agree with your post that this joke is bad and homophobic, but I feel that joke is a little too close, in spirit, with your post about Tom Cruise & son and you implying that it is the same relationship as Liberace and Thorson.
I wonder if we have created a group of men about whom it's okay to make homophobic jokes.
Just sayin'.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Danny: To clarify, the ONLY part of the Tom Cruise and son relationship I was comparing to Liberace and Thorson was the plastic surgery part, not that they were lovers.

Is that what you thought I meant?

irisgirl said...

I'm not sure which is tackier--the "joke" itself, or People's endorsement----either way, I'm pissed off.

Danny in WeHo said...

Yeah, after you mention Liberace had his younger lover's face changed to look like his, you add, (You wouldn't do that, would you Tom?) Without clarification, it kind of implies the whole package.

David said...

The joke was a reject from 1980. It also validates the idea that country music people are a bunch of homophobic bigots. They don't seem to be trying very hard to disprove that theory.

DB McGee said...

So just to be clear, any joke that references sexuality in any way is instantly homophobic? Nobody said "fag" except the OP. I will admit it is a lame joke, but insulting to gay people? How exactly? By implying that gay men don't like to have sex with women?