Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 5: The Great Mustache Experi(ment)ence

Don't worry, I'm smiling on the inside

Not sure what's more fun about my new Riptide wannabe look, being cruised by a whole new demographic or the occasional long, creeped-out stare!


Damien said...

Do what I do - go for the creeped out stare :)

paully said...

I think you look better with a clean shaven chin. That goatee was not flattering. I am not sure on the mustache. Would need to see you clean shaven to compare.

Jake said...

I agree with paully. Give clean shaven a try.

swine said...

Not a good look for u, Kenny. U look like a middle-aged mail carrier. Ur cute & young-looking. Why make urself look older & creepy?

Javier from Barcelona said...

Your serious look seems to be so lust and dangerous.

You make me feel confused, so wet and dirty,...i'm not sure if I like it or not seeing you.

Really do you wanna look like a porn actor every second of the day?

Javier from Barcelona said...

Now I am sure that I prefer your coolest look as A-list writer/editor living in Manhunter.

Oops, i mean Mahanttan!

what the hell i was thinking?

Please, turn on as a good boy!
come back to the cute beard.