Friday, April 29, 2011

Chris Hemsworth on Top

Chris Hemsworth was the man of the evening last night at the Top of the Standard, where the after-party was held following the screening of his leading-man debut, "Thor," at the Cinema Society.

Cougar-about-town Susan Sarandon stalks her prey

Meanwhile, newly single Dianna Argon -- of "Glee" fame -- might have been looking to trade up on her pretty boy ex

And speaking of "Glee": you can't walk two blocks without tripping over one of the cast members. (They're in town filming a Very Special Episode.) I saw Artie, Quinn and Tina having coffee earlier in the week and my friend Frank saw Puck (on a skateboard) and Mr. Schu. Last night, two more cast members -- Harry Shum Jr. and Chord Overstreet -- were also out on the town.

Model Alex Lundqvist

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