Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thoroughly Modern INSTINCT

In its April issue, Instinct examines the "State of Our Unions," with a look at sex, marriage and monogamy for the modern gay man. Cover couple Eric Turner and John Odom, who met online, have since moved in together and are planning a wedding. Instinct asks if these two are the modern gay relationship personified.

UPDATE: The verdict is in and -- big surprise -- people HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY about this dashing duo.


Damien Oz said...

And of course they couldnt use an older chubbier coouple - OH NO - gotta be model looks.

I hate my community sometimes....

Kevin B said...

@Damien Agreed...so typical. And of course I see it all the time here in Southern California. Roids and plastic surgery... so sad.

nmccarvel said...

Oof. That was hard to read. Yikes!

Damien Oz said...

Kenneth - the thing is - these guys are NOT the typical gay couple.

The typical gay couple is of more average looks and weight and more "guys next door" than "supermodels" next door.

I would react the same if they put a drag queen couple on the cover and called them the norm.

Steve M. said...

Um.. Eric is on Grindr all the time.

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