Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meredith Baxter: 'I Didn't Know I Was a Lesbian'

Nancy Locke and Meredith Baxter with closet-caseworker Howard Bragman at an awards show in November

Today, I give you the third and final installment of Christopher's book report on Meredith Baxter's memoir, "Untied." The actress finally gets around to having sex with women, yet still doesn't think it makes her gay.

Christopher reports:

Miss Baxter's first "lesbian revelation" comes when she discusses her conscious choice to dress like a MAN during her custody battle with Birney. She claims the depositions were so "threatening" that she had to butch it up. She wore wing-tip oxfords, blazers, and cut her hair very short. Meredith thinks she should "probe" this issue more as it could be seen as a "foreshadowing" of her eventual coming out. Girl, PLEASE!!! Your choice of attire rarely has any indication on your sexual orientation. Just ask Tyler Perry!! He spends most of his days in a dress and he's COMPLETELY straight.

After butching it up for the court, the perfect "butch woman done wrong" movie of the week made its way to her. "A Woman Scorned, The Betty Broderick Story" was filmed in 1991. Mare LOVED Betty. She could relate to her because Betty was privileged and was treated very badly by her ex-husband. Of course Broderick KILLED her ex and his new wife. No worries, Meredith passes no judgment and completely understands how that could have happened. She found the role "therapeutic" and enjoyed pretending it was David's house that she drove a car through in one of the scenes!! She also enjoyed punching her co-star Stephen Collins. She states all this violence was "cathartic" for her and allowed her to get in touch with her anger towards David Birney. I hope for his sake, he has a restraining order against her. In fact, let's keep her out of the Walmart firearms section while we are at it!!

Read the full report HERE.


bcarter3 said...

She was AMAZING in the Betty Broderick TV movies. Interesting to hear where the superb performance came from.

Will J said...

You were kind. You recommended that people buy the book and read it rather than waiting for it to be remaindered or checking it out from the library.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't seen the her performance as Betty Broderick, I'd highly suggest it. In my opinion it is one of her best performances and was definitely worth a nomination with an award.

Johnny Diaz said...

I also saw the BBroderick story. (Lifetime TV guy here.) Chachi strikes again! Thanks again for reading the books for us. Call these CC Cliff Notes for Gay Lit.

Gay and 25 that summer said...

Any mention in the book of BIRNEY's bisexuality? We fucked a few times when he was in NYC doing a play called "Benefactors" on Broadway in the summer of 1986.

Christopher said...

@ Will, I try to be as nice as possible... @Johnny, U silly! @ Gay and 25... U fucked David Birney? Was he wearing the fancy shoes that Meredith described in part 2?