Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Head Over Heels for New Go-Go's Site!

With the 30th anniversary of the Go-Go's seminal debut album, "Beauty and the Beat," upon us, the gals are gearing up to hit the road this summer, for what is purportedly their "farewell" tour. (Cher could tell them a thing or two about those, but Diva Belinda claims she's really had enough.) Naturally, they needed their Web site overhauled to spread the big news, and who did they turn to? Their biggest fan and my BFF (really), Mark! I'm so impressed -- it turned out soooooo fun -- and can't help but think how inconceivable it would have seemed sitting in his bedroom on Pappstein all those years ago to imagine him doing a project for the band when we were 20 years older than they were then! (A deluxe edition of "Beauty and Beat" and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are coming, too!) Check out the fab new site HERE.


James Greenlee said...

Reading "30th anniversary" for Beauty and the Beat just KILLS me. I was feeling fine about turning 45 in a couple of weeks, and now. Well now, I'm just depressed.

Mark said...

LOL aaaw, thanks! Talk about a labor of love!

PatrickDC202 said...

Good website! Yeah, 30th Anniversary for "Beauty & The Beat" but what the hell... we're all still around to enjoy it & The Go-Go's, be thankful! Life is (damn) good!