Friday, February 11, 2011

Toy Story

This Big Jim coloring book I saw on a friend's Facebook page reminded me of all the cool toys I had as a kid -- and a bunch of these weren't even for girls.

My Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Transport and Repair Station was out of this world, and converted from an operating table -- gotta get those $6 million in upgrades in Steve Austin somewhere -- to a space capsule in seconds! (My little sister had all the Jaime Sommers stuff, which I did my best not to steal.)

My Big Jim stuff -- notably Big Jeff, who was the main man to my Jody doll -- was my favorite, though.

Big Jeff and his friend Big Jim wore matching red bikini briefs and had a lot of fashion sense ...

The Kung Fu Studio was really cool -- check out the bus bench drawn on the side of the building! -- and included a "muscle mover" to help Jim kick through the (perforated) wall, plus had a full-length mirror (gotta practice those poses!) and other workout gear.

I think I had the Sky Commander even before the Kung Fu Studio.

This thing was huge and had four different compartments. There was the cockpit (with swiveling chair and steering wheel), the Situation Room (with maps, Morse Code device, navigation table and tools), the living area (with a loft-style bunk beds, a sink, food supplies, a storage unit and bathroom), plus the tail section.

What can I say about the Safari Hut? It seemed like the coolest little bachelor pad ever -- and I wanted to move into one just like it!

I remember that as I got a little older, I started to favor Big Josh.

Can you figure out why?

... who I was dying to get alone in the back of the Sports Camper.


Jay said...

my sister had the barbie camper, and i had the big jim camper...i remember when barbie and ken used to go "camping" and would bring big jim along...somehow ken would always end up in big jim's camper as soon as my sister left the room...

Unknown said...

Does anyone else see an eerie similarity, especially in the coloring book, to Tom of Finland?
These gay toy designers at Matel were clearly using him as an inspiration.

shanooshi said...

Oh man, I had the Big Jim Kung Fu Studio and totally forgot about it until I saw your post. It was the best!

Jim Hopkins said...

So, was Billy Doll the cousin of Big Jim and Big Josh?