Friday, January 07, 2011

Fernando Verdasco: From Tiny White Briefs to Tiny White Flakes

Tennis star Fernando Verdasco -- who currently can be seen in his tighty whities in better department stores around the world -- has been named the new spokesman for Head and Shoulders shampoo. Watch the Spanish hunk -- who was a shoo-in for the job with his lustrous brown locks -- in action below, with a making-of video followed by the finished product. I haven't seen someone THIS into his own follicles since Frieda and her naturally curly hair. Leave it to Fernando to make having dandruff seem sexy ...

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D Weingold said...

Just wondering if you are going to feature a video tribute to Nicolas Kiefer since he announced his retirement... Don't need to tell you that he's got nice locks too -- I think he's even been photographed in his underwear.
Sadly missed.

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