Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Music Box: Tracie!

My Oct. 15, 2008, post about '80s pop tart Tracie Young remains one of my all-time most popular. (It even led me to a friendship with the Derby Diva!) In the posting, I had offered access to my homemade MP3s of her dazzling debut LP, "Far From the Hurting Kind," I'd made from my old vinyl, an offer even Tracie took me up on when preparing for a one-off live show a couple summers ago. Happily, those files have been purged from my library as Cherry Pop -- with Tracie's thoughtful input -- reissued the album recently, complete with bonus tracks and a gorgeous full-color booklet with notes from Tracie herself. Just wanted to remind people that I am no longer distributing my crackly MP3s, and wanted to point you to the Cherry Pop reissue, which you can order HERE.

And it gets better. Tracie recently informed me that the label has confirmed that it will distribute her scrapped sophomore album -- which I understood to have had the working title "No Smoke Without Fire" back in '86 -- a project she describes as a "massive project -- an album with no artwork, no title and masters buried in a vault, that will take months to bake and identify. But there are a few gems on it. 2011!" Tracie slipped me a bootleg of the album back in the spring and I can confirm that it contains some of her best material to date. Stay tuned!

The night Tracie drank me under the table, literally

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