Friday, November 05, 2010

Face the Situaiton

Why are people asking if The Situation looks fat on the new Men's Fitness -- he doesn't -- when the obvious question should be, "Is he 40?"


Anonymous said...

Really attractive body but definitely what I'd call a "butter face"

Ryan73 said...

I just don't understand his appeal. So he has abs...I've seen hotter abs on guys that look much better than him. The dumb as a box of rocks look on his face just kills anything his body had going for him.

Topaz said...

The further decline of American civilization. Of course, I have been incredulous about his fame since David Wright actually decided to appear in a TV commercial with him for some kind of water. The only mitigating factor was that David was in a sleeveless top.

This douche was also quoted recently as saying that he sent his photo in to a modeling agency just before Jersey Shore hit it big and the agency responded immediately with, "Where have you been hiding?"

I think the only credible response was "Under a bridge."

Kenneth Gillett said...

I'm sorry, he looks like a beached whale. He is not even close to fitness magazine cover model standards. This is embarrassing for Men's Fitness and for "The Situation." The caption to this image should be "What abs?"

Anonymous said...

Dear God someone explain why this unattractive guy with weird looking abs has made a career out of having abs? Seriously, WTF? Forget the 10 million models out there that make this guy look below average, but you can go into any gym in any city and find guys with perfect-looking abs - WITH good looking faces.

Miles said...

I agree. He's got "weird" abs. It's not that he hasn't worked hard on them, it's that they develop naturally in an odd way. There are definitely guys who have better abs. I just don't get why people get so excited for his. LOL! And yes, I agree he looks at least 40 years old. Hahaha.

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