Friday, November 12, 2010

Cher Does Dave ... and Others

Much to my surprise, David Letterman "went there" with Cher last night, asking her about daughter Chastity's transition into Chaz. Cher did the best she could, but appearances aside, there was no hiding the fact that she's a 60something mom who doesn't quite have the words to explain the difference between gay and transgender. It was cute, even if you wanted to jump through the stage and smack Dave on her behalf. (She's a "lesbian man" now?) This clip isn't of that -- will post it if I find it -- but instead a fun little bit where Dave runs through a list of men in Cher's past. (She's still got it!)

UPDATE: The full interview -- in which she also discusses being mistaken for a Cher impersonator, the Chaz stuff and her new film -- is available HERE.

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