Tuesday, October 26, 2010

'Violet' Femmes

Hard to believe it's been a year and four months since I spent the day working as an extra on the set of the new Casper Andreas film, but the New York City premiere is finally upon us! "Violet Tendencies" -- the story of a fag hag (played by "Facts of Life" star Mindy Cohn) trying to distance herself from her gay friends in an effort to land a straight boyfriend -- will open Friday, Nov. 5 at The Quad in the West Village. (Pre-order tickets HERE.)
    After working 10 hours on the set of "Campus Man" -- the 1987 Morgan Fairchild classic about the making of the first beefcake calendar -- and not seeing myself on-screen for even a split second, I've been assured by a blog reader in New Zealand(!) who's seen the film that I can be seen (however briefly) in the film's opening scene, so suffice it to say I will be there opening night. (Oh -- because I've heard the film is REALLY good, of course!) Check out the film's promising trailer and see for yourself ... and pre-order your tickets HERE. I hear that the (real) cast and crew will be at the 7 and 9:30 p.m. showings -- hope to see you there!


 "Violet Tendencies" opens Nov. 18 in Los Angeles at the Sunset 5.


Rob in Michigan said...

Congrats, you movie star! And speaking of Morgan Fairchild classics.....I'd love to curl up with all the old Flamingo Road episodes some rainy weekend soon. I wonder if they're even on DVD.....probably NOT.

Scotty said...

I saw the movie here in Tampa at the Tampa International Gay & Lesbian FIlm Festival and it was absolutely hilarious! EVERYONE needs to go see this flick! Mindy is AWESOME! (and you were cute too in the all too brief scene) :)