Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Calendar Man

With a bod like this, who wouldn't want to sponsor James Ellis' 2009 fitness calendar? Learn more HERE.

Sexy James reminds me of swimmer Steve Lyon, star of the 1987 film "Campus Man," about the making of the first beefcake sports calendar. This cinematic classic was filmed on the campus of Arizona State University while I was a student there, and I worked as an extra for about 10 hours in a pool scene that filmed until about 4 in the morning.

Despite all of our valiant efforts and endless patience, I don't see even a second of me on-screen. Thanks for nothing, Morgan Fairchild ...

Still, it's hard to be that bitter after getting to spend hours watching him do retakes of this ...


More about the film HERE.


Anonymous said...

wow..beautiful guy...vey calvin klein

Anonymous said...

funny... I went to ASU at the same time. I remember that they filmed several scenes around the Architecture Building (where I did work-study in the library). And I used to swim laps at the Aquatic Complex many an afternoon. Ah! memories of my year-long tan, very blond hair, and the hot guys at the pool.

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