Monday, October 25, 2010

'The Machine' Unmasked?

Has Brian Wilson's mystery friend -- aka The Machine -- been unmasked as teammate Pat Burrell? An athletic supporter writes: "The Machine" is Pat Burrell. When Burrell played in Philly Chase Utley had tee shirts made up for spring training from the pic of Burrell doing a bicep curl shirtless with the headline Pat Burrell "Man or Machine?" Burrell lives in Wilson's house in SF.

Burrell has been on my radar for years and let me just say this Ultimate Leather Daddy can be my "roommate" anytime he wants ...


Anonymous said...

Hey Kenneth!
How exactly does the above mentioned athletic supporter write? How does it hold the pen?


Anonymous said...

Kenneth, and interesting story about Brian Williams from The New York Times today:


Anonymous said...

Kenneth and his readers scoop the National news on Machine Identity!