Friday, October 29, 2010

Electric Youth

If Best Buy's earnings are our this quarter, then they may have my young bus neighbor to thank. He's been all but simultaneously using a BlackBerry, laptop, flip-phone and iPod -- all while reading his Kindle -- ever since we boarded the bus to DC. Just looking him seems to have completely exhausted my iPod, which was fully charged when I left the house this morning, but was inexplicably dead when I went to use it a second ago. This NEVER happens when I take it to the gym, but has happened the last three times I've traveled, only adding to my sour Apple syndrome ...


James L. Greenlee said...

Ken, I've been dipping my toes into the Apple water lately, and I'm a diehard iPhobe. But the paradise of Apple products is a little oversold. My iPod dies if not plugged in, and I managed to crash my PowerBook. ALL high tech products have their pitfalls. The Cult of Mac hasn't got me yet.

CAM Jr said...

Kenneth, I've got bad news for u. I'm convinced the iPod is designed to give up after a year or two of usage. Mine sure did. And when I went to the Genius Bar to have a "genius" fix it, he told me that I might as well purchase a NEW one because fixing the old one would cost as much! That Steve Jobs is NOBODY'S fool!!!!!!!!!!!

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