Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'Lone Star': The Best Show on TV You're Not Watching

So I caught the first two episodes of "Lone Star" -- the critically acclaimed new Fox series starring James Wolk as a con man living dual (and duel?) lives in Texas -- and I'm completely hooked. The blogosphere was buzzing that Wolk was like"Kyle Chandler's little brother" -- which sounds incredibly hot -- but, in fact, he's really way more like a young George Clooney, minus the mullet and the smugness. (And there's certainly nothing unhot about that!) The show reminds me a lot of "Friday Night Lights" -- another intelligent series with minuscule ratings that requires your full attention to fully appreciate its nuances -- and sadly that's not all it has in common with "FNL": after just one airing, "Lone Star" is reportedly already in serious danger of being canceled due to disappointing ratings! (I'm hearing that if last night's numbers do not improve -- which normally they go down after the premiere -- the show will likely be shelved.)

It would be yet another shameful move by television execs to not let us see where this one is going -- Wolk's wounded con man with a conscience is an original, and the entire cast -- including "FRL" alum Adrianne Palicki as Wife No. 1 -- is magnificent. I liked it better when I wasn't a fan of The Best Show on TV You're Not Watching -- "Party of Five," "Arrested Development" -- and could just delve into them later knowing it was a finite treat ("My So-Called Life" and now "Freaks and Geeks"). (More shirtless Wolk HERE.)

This cast has Emmy written all over it

The buzz is all Chandler, but this con man's all Clooney


Jay said...

Funny, i was watching the first episode of this show while I was flying back from a trip yesterday and I was totally thinking "George Clooney's" little brother!! The smile...the bod...there is nothing hotter than a hot guy with a conscience!! I hope this show hangs around!!

Joe said...

I really like this show too. I haven't seen the second episode yet (it's been DVR'd), but I'm hooked on the show. The first episode explored a lot, but it never felt rushed. The storyline is very interesting. Not to mention Mr. Wolk! Wow, he's got the cutest face, sexiest chest and sweetest smile.

Countervail said...

But Jon Voigt? Really? Couldn't they find anyone else but that nutbag right-winger?

Chad said...

I saw the premiere over the weekend and haven't watched last night's episode yet. But I enjoyed it. And hope the second episode sucks me in even more. I just saw the ratings for last night. Doesn't look good. What I hate is that when I show gets low numbers, it just perpetuates lower ratings. People think, Why I should I watch a show that is going to be canceled? And then it just get cancelled anyway. Maybe it'd be better if the public didn't see the ratings. Who knows? But it doesn't look good for Lone Star. :(

Dirk said...

I still have yet to watch the second episode, but the first one left me feeling undecided. But at least he's nice eye candy to watch while I figure out how I feel.

Pure J.Me said...

The show has been officially cancelled, per Entertainment Weekly.

Also, Wolk has a significant supporting role (playing Kristen Bell's brother) in "You Again".

Anonymous said...

Show was okay but not really plausible in this info day and age. No matter, neither the show nor the con man are up to par with THE tv con man right now, White Collar with the white hot Bomer, no one can touch him.

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