Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Where's the Beef?

Was mysteriously lured into the new Muscle Maker Grill on Eighth Avenue last night for dinner, the latest entry into the "healthy" fast food restaurant category here in the city. The space -- in the old Pita Grill that no one ever ate at -- and staff are lively and attentive, even if the air conditioning seemed to be lacking and the food took more than 20 minutes to come out (the guy who brought it to the table apologized saying they'd gotten backed up in the kitchen due to a "broken fax machine" -- so '90s!). Michael got a simple grilled chicken platter with baked potato and broccoli (he liked it a lot) and I got a low-carb chicken Caesar wrap (the chicken was tasty but it was served hot, which didn't do the lettuce and dressing any favors) with a side of pasta salad. Overall, the food was similar to stuff you'd find at Pump Energy Food and Energy Kitchen -- nothing to die for, but makes you feel like you're trying to be healthy -- so assuming the AC repairman is on his way, I'd say Muscle Maker Grill is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Check out the menu HERE.


Gail said...

I think I'll pass.

Jim Hopkins said...

I could turn those two guys into a jam sandwich!