Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sunglasses (To Hide Behind)

The 2002 model, left, vs. the 2010

I want to send out a huge thank you to MAUI JIM, who read about my Lasik surgery online a couple weeks ago and kindly offered to outfit me in a new pair of sunglasses -- my first new pair since getting some throwaways at the Beverly Center back in late 2001 when I was still wearing contact lenses!

After seriously considering some aviators, I ended up picking the snazzy new ATOLL (in light brown with bronze lenses). I was told that "Maui Jim is like Xanax for the eyes" and I can't say I disagree. Even better, ever since I got my new shades I've had that fab old Tracey Ullman song "Sunglasses" (a Skeeter Davis cover) stuck in my head, only now I don't have to be jealous that I can't wear a pair too!

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Get your own here.


BW said...

I have a major problem with the whole idea of sunglasses (at least the idea of them as a standard and necessary accessory), but those are really nice ones.

robert said...

*Very* cool shades, and thanks for complying in spirit and letter to the new blogger booty disclosure regs :-)

I have to say that, to my eye, you haven’t really aged that much between the 2 pics. Fucker!


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