Thursday, June 03, 2010

Cheri Bomb?

Longtime "Saturday Night Live" watchers may have been wondering why just about every funny lady from last 15 years reunited for the big Betty White Mother's Day episode -- except Cheri Oteri. According to my source, Oteri -- who was a fan favorite because of characters like the prescription-loving Collette Reardon, Nadeen, the testy employee who constantly orders everyone to "Simmer down now!" for no apparent reason, and Arianna, a member of the Spartan Cheerleaders (alongside Will Ferrell) -- is strongly disliked by "SNL" creator Lorne Michaels. My source goes on to say, "she has gone kind of crazy ... and possibly has had some cosmetic surgery and looks weird ... No one wanted her there." Ouch. I find this news sad as I always adored the "SNL female power trio" (Oteri's Paula Jones, Debbie Reynolds and Judge Judy were awfully good, too!). Apparently not everyone feels this way, however: Larry David used Oteri to great effect as emotionally unstable nanny on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" last year. Let's hope this wasn't type-casting.

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Anonymous said...

It must be the Lorne Michaels grudge thing that kept her out. If she had plastic surgery, it's nothing weird -- that photo you posted is very recent.

BUT I will say that she is reaaaaalllly annoying. I was in a morning rush line-up at a Starbucks in Studio City about six years ago when she came in with a twinky friend in tow. She proceeded to clown around with a roll of toilet paper and giggle like an idiot with him for 15 minutes or so. The line wanted to murder her by the end of her schtick. I know I did.

She definitely has some kind of issue. Otherwise she'd be more successful.