Monday, May 17, 2010

'Trial of a Lifetime'

The trial related to the unsolved slaying of Robert Wone -- the married 32-year-old Washington lawyer who was sexually assaulted and killed while spending the night at the home of a college friend, who was involved in a polyamorous relationship with two other men -- begins today in the nation's capital, and the men behind the Who Murdered Robert Wone? blog plan to cover it from start to finish.

Craig Brownstein, 52, vice president for media relations at the Edelman public relations firm; Doug Johnson, 45, a producer at Voice of America; Michael Kremin, 53, a digital-media consultant; and David Greer, 45, a speechwriter at the National Association of Realtors -- who were profiled in today's Washington Post -- will rotate taking time off from work to be in D.C. Superior Court for the obstruction of justice -- but not murder -- trial against Wone's friend, Joseph Price, 39, his partner, Victor Zaborsky, 44, and Dylan Ward, 39, a massage therapist, who had a "dominant-submissive sexual relationship" with Price.

While the bloggers -- with the help of a hired intern -- will be providing live updates and analysis on their site and via Twitter, one thing you won't be hearing about is the jury. On Wednesday, the defendants waived their right to a jury trial and placed their fate in the hands of Judge Lynn Lebowitz. The blogger foursome have been hanging up posters around the city's U Street corridor calling this the "Trial of a Lifetime," and with the autopsy showing the victim was alive while stabbed three times but offered no resistance, coupled with his own semen being found in his rectum, I'd have to say this description if chillingly accurate.

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